Contact Carpet Cleaning specialise in residential, school and office carpet cleaning throughout the Tees Valley area.

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Carpet cleaning for the home

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ENVIROSAFE – virus and bacteria control

Envirosafe virus & bacteria control
Envirosafe virus & bacteria control

As part of the cleaning process we treat your carpets with Envirosafe, a multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser that will safely clean and protect by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.

Envirosave kills up to 99.9999% of microbes, including coronavirus Sars-Cov 2 which leads to the illness Covid-19.

Also, Contact Carpet Cleaning will issue a certificate after application.

Carpet cleaning for the home

middlesbrough carpet cleaning
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Why it’s good to clean

After our homes and cars, soft furnishings are not far down the list of possessions that cost the most money in replacement over the years. So why treat them any different?

Carpets and soft furnishings act as dust filters within your home, and after time even a carpet that looks clean will hold dirt, grit and airborne contaminants such as pollen and dust. These need to be removed by professional cleaning, as even regular vacuuming will not be sufficient. Regular professional cleaning helps keep your carpets and upholstery:


  • Looking new
  • Free from unhealthy contaminants
  • Lasting longer
  • Save £1000s on replacements 

How we can help

There are several cleaning options/methods available for both carpet and upholstery cleaning. We will firstly examine and test your carpets and soft furnishings during your zero obligation survey and quotation. After which we will be able to recommend the most suitable cleaning process for your fabrics and fibres.

By allowing us to conduct a survey in advance we are able to answer any questions you may have directly, and provide you with an accurate quotation. We prefer to do it this way as you can rarely provide an accurate quote over the phone. This also allows you to meet you technician before you book, which some people feel is important.


  • Learn why its good to apply stain guard after cleaning
  • Or how we can make nasty stains and damaged areas go away

FAQ on residential carpet cleaning

 How long will my carpets take to dry?

A. We use the most powerful portable British built hot water extraction machines available in the UK. This delivers not only awesome cleaning power, but unrivalled drying power too.

Q. What about all my furniture?

A. We ask only that you move small items and ornaments. We can easily move large furniture if required.

Q. How long will it take?

A. All properties are different, but an average size, full house can usually be comfortably completed in less than a day.

Q. I think it needs replacing, is it worth cleaning?

A. You will be surprised how well many carpets and upholstery items can be given a new lease of life after professional cleaning. It’s worth asking the question.

We will give you an honest opinion during your survey if you aren’t too sure. If you are now considering giving us a call, don’t forget that Contact Carpet Cleaning are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) helping consumers like you find reliable and trustworthy tradesman.

Below is an example of a project where using the correct chemicals brought a carpet spectacularly back to a good- looking state after an unfortunate soot fall.

Soot fall cleaning

Carpet cleaning for offices, businesses and schools

Office Carpet Cleaning
School Carpet Cleaning

First impressions count!

Regardless of your business type, image and hygiene within your premises is a vital ingredient of your success. Contact Carpet Cleaning can advise and help you improve flooring and soft furnishings within your business.

So why not contact us for your friendly, free zero obligation quote and consultation?

Carpet & upholstery cleaning: One off cleaning or regular maintenance cleaning to your requirement.

Specialist Spot and Stain Removal: Remove unsightly stains from soft furnishings and carpets.

How we can help

When running your business you will inevitably need to keep a tight hold on your outgoings, but also be aware of the need to make a great impression when your clients and customers visit your premises.

Would you like to save money on replacement flooring and maintain that new floor look?

As flooring and soft furnishings generally cost £1000s to replace, it’s just good housekeeping to invest in regular cleaning and maintenance.

You could even have regular carpet cleaning and spread the cost over the financial year with a maintenance plan.

Contact carpet cleaning offers a range of solutions to suit your business needs.


FAQ on business carpet cleaning

Q. Will my business be disturbed by the work?

A. During the consultation process we will work with you to plan the cleaning around your operation. Out-of-hours cleaning and low moisture/noise processes are examples of the options available to us.

Q. When can I walk on the carpets?

A. In most cases, immediately after cleaning.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Every premises is different, and will be assessed during the site survey. Most premises with low profile carpet can be cleaned quickly, depending on soiling levels.

If you are now considering giving us a call, don’t forget that Contact Carpet Cleaning are members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), helping consumers like you find reliable and trustworthy tradesman.


Not sure what you need to do or require more info on carpet cleaning needs?

That’s not a problem! – let us advise and guide you as we offer FREE surveys and assessment of your carpet cleaning requirements.

Excellent Service

Had my lounge and stair carpets cleaned and am very happy with the results. Dom was very friendly and explained what he would be doing and even left a leaflet telling me how to treat any future accidents.

He was also honest enough to reduce the price upon arrival when he checked the room measurements I’d given him too.

Now that was a breath of fresh air as I don’t think most people would have bothered. It’s an old carpet I have but the stains have come out and the pile has been lifted too.

14 November 2018

Simply First Class Service

I had the carpets cleaned before moving into a new house. Dom was able to quote on the basis of room sizes and I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every respect from quote to completion. On the day Dom shared details of how he would tackle each stain and the expected outcome. To say he knows his stuff is a complete understatement.

In terms of stain removal, Dom exceeded my expectations. I can now delay plans to replace the carpets but when asked he also offered his unbiased knowledge on carpet vendors and choices.

It’s obvious that Dom is a thoroughly decent and honest guy who does a fantastic job at cleaning carpets. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any carpet cleaning job and I would certainly use him again.

26 June 2018

Examples of carpet cleaning work undertaken (click any image below):