caution-wet-floorI posted a version of this article on Facebook a while ago, but as I regularly and alarmingly hear the same story over and over, I thought it was worth another read.

A word of warning that may save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

I had a conversation with a customer who hired a DIY carpet cleaning machine for her previous carpet. You know the one, the orange things readily available for hire by the exits of supermarkets and other large stores. After, I thought I’d warn everyone about the pitfalls that (following some online review research) pop up regularly enough to be cause for concern. Especially as this was the second similar issue I had heard in a short time regarding DIY carpet cleaning.

Damage from overweighting seems to be a downfall of these machines causing mildew, bad smelling carpets and in the case of my clients Carol and Ian, they watched in horror as the whole carpet shrunk a few inches away from the skirting board. This resulted in extra work for the bin men that week. And an expensive replacement carpet for them.

If you really want to DIY carpet clean, go ahead, as the online research revealed a good number of happy customers. However, please be aware that there is a chance that things can go horribly wrong with little or no comeback, or insurance payouts.

The number one question that I get asked by customers is how long will it take to dry and Im happy to be able to answer, “very fast, only hours in fact”.  As I use British built Airflex machines with amazing vacuum power, that’s suck the moisture right out.

The simple fact regarding the walk behind (DIY hire) machines is that the reason they fit easily into the boot of your hatchback is that the mortars are small and have limited vacuum power. Inevitably they deliver a fraction of the suction power of a pro machine.

So how long will your carpet take to dry with one of these DIY machines? days? weeks? Or doesn’t it matter because you had to bin it!

The best review I read was from a lady who said after using a higher machine from a large chain store, and I’m not making this up.

“The result was fantastic, my carpet smelt like sweaty socks for a good while afterwards, but I would definitely hire one again”.

Priceless! I wonder if she’s discovered the mildew yet and changed her mind.