Mattress and Allergy Treatment

Are you allergic to your home or place of work?

As our homes and work places conform to greater legislation, creating draft free, eco-friendly environments; we have inadvertently created the ideal environment for less welcome housemates to thrive! ‘Dust Mites’ are pests on the increase, and many of us are suffering because of it.

Highlighted by recent TV programmes such as The One Show, BBC Breakfast and Embarrassing Bodies, older, colder homes used to keep these pests at bay but  an increase in these, and other unwanted guests is now contributing to a national rise in respiratory problems.

Do the contents of your mattress make you sneeze?

Modern mattresses, due to their density, weight and composition are difficult to sanitise with few exceptions.

Mattresses are by far the most unhygienic items in your home or business, harbouring dust mites (in abundance!), bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, dried body fluids and decaying skins.


However, now there is a proven solution!

Contact Carpet Cleaning can clean the visible and invisible out of your mattress and soft furnishings, and keep pests at bay for a long time using a treatment called ‘Mattress Medic’ containing Actigard and ‘Allergy Shield Stain Guard’. 

Actigard can treat to your Mattress or soft furnishings in two ways, either through the product ‘Mattress Medic’ or as ‘Allergy shield Stain Guard’ a recommended treatment for carpets which combines stain guard with Actigard.


How does it work?

Actigard treated textiles will eliminate existing infestations by destroying the food chain which the dust mites thrive and procreate from (i.e. skin and excrement) – without this source dust mites, mould, fungi and bacteria cannot develop.



Actigard has been independently tested and approved by:
RCC Research and Consulting Co, Switzerland & Leberco Testing Laboratory, USA

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