School carpet cleaning

School Carpet Cleaning

Now that, as of  September 2020, the Government has sent all our children and teachers back to school, it’s a great time to act if you haven’t addressed the issue of the cleaning of your school carpets and flooring.

To this end, we have made some significant changes to our working practices and safe delivery of cleaning services.

The sanitisation product we use is one of few that have been certified to neutralise and protect against the COVID-19 virus. This means we can provide certification after treatment for your peace of mind and that of everyone using your facility.

We are highly experienced in cleaning large areas in government and commercial buildings, and our team can usually complete, for instance, a small primary school comfortably in one day.

If you would like to find more about how we can clean and treat your building with certified COVID-19 antiviral treatments, please call or email Contact Carpet Cleaning for a chat. You can contact Dominic Blades today on 01642 927309.

We can work to your schedules, for instance during periods of half-term.  

School carpet cleaning

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