Specialist Stain Removal and Stain guard


Slight inconvenience or disaster?

Consider Stain Guarding or Specialist Spot and Stain removal




Remove the stain, not the carpet!

For many people there will come a time when the inevitable happens and something is spilt or dropped causing a stain or damage to your carpet or soft furnishing.

Most people think that there only option will then be DIY stain removal which in most cases makes the issue worse!


Well! it need not be that disastrous.

Professional stain removal alongside carpet cleaning can revive your flooring and refresh the room.



Stain guard; Prevention is better than cure

Many of us have carpets that when new have been supplied pre stain guarded. Over time general use and cleaning will wear off that protection allowing dirt and contaminants to soil your carpet

Re-protecting your freshly cleaned carpet will reinforce your carpets original ‘Triple-action’ protection shield by…



  1. Repelling liquid spills, allowing you time to mop them up to keep the carpet looking great longer.


  1. Resists damage to the fibres giving you longer-lasting carpets, which saves you time and  money replacing them.


  1. Releases dirt and grit from the carpet making it easier to vacuum clean and keep healthy.

Excellent, efficient and friendly service, with extra care and attention paid to those more stubborn stains on the carpets.

Contact Carpet Cleaning has brought my white carpets back up to scratch, they have never looked better!

Miss Kirkbride, Yarm